You can use Credit cards and PayPal or other payment methods, you can pay on Amazon or Aliexpress.

You can see our japan website, since we start to sell the love dolls, all of the customers give us 5 star positive review.

Most of countries, we will send doll to the warehouse location in your country then delivery to you, the shipping is safe.

Normally customers from US or EU countries don’t need to pay the customs fee.

All of the dolls can choose the customzied options, you can customize the doll’s skin color, wigs, eye color, feet standing type…

All of the customized is free. include the jaw  movement mouth type.

If you want to choose the super makeup and  finger joint type , that need to pay the additional fee.

If you want to customized the makeup style or special skin color, that is free.


The CATDOLL.CO.UK belongs to the CATDOLL.JP, you can order from directly or contact us to order by email.