Why Choose Us

Our sex dolls are made from both premium quality TPE and/or silicone (depending on which doll we are referring to), but the majority of our dolls are made with a hypoallergenic TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) outer skin and an internal steel skeleton. Our ultra-realistic sex dolls are made to real-life-size proportions (anatomically correct), they’re hand made & made to order.
Want a custom love doll? Every single sex doll on our site is fully customisable and can be altered and changed to create a fully bespoke, made to order/ custom made sex doll, exactly the way you like it. From the product pages, you can select all the individual options you like: Body type, head/face, skin tone, hair, nail & eye colour right down to labia and nipple colour. The list goes on, you truly can design a one-of-a-kind sex doll from the comfort of your own home by clicking a few buttons on our site, bringing “mail order bride” to a whole new level! Creating your very own one-of-a-kind, love doll companion has never been so easy! We’ll take care of the rest, including free discreet shipping right to your door.
The easiest, and most popular way of ordering a custom made sex doll to your own unique tastes, is by searching through our selection of dolls and finding the best sex doll for you and your needs, then (if you want) you can make some minor changes like hair and eye colour. You can go as detailed as you like, or keep it as close to the professional photos as possible by selecting- same as photo. The choice is yours and the price is the same- that’s right, all the basic customisations are absolutely free. Many other vendors charge extra for standing feet  but we do not charge for custom options that we feel are a necessity. This means you can get the best sex doll you want, without having to pay extra. We only charge for premium upgrades. The best sex dolls are only a few clicks away.

If you want to see more love dolls and get more details , you can visit our Japan website:  https://www.catdoll.jp